I most recently reordered my work space, after my boyfriend moved in and brought some of his furniture too! At first I was a bit confused with the different materials we had to deal with, but how interesting is this light/dark wood and metal combination?!



DSC_0019_72 DSC_0031_72 DSC_0046_72 DSC_0056_72frames

As we were moving around stuff, in order to find the spots that would suit us best, several problems occurred, and there were others from before that I wanted to solve with the new furniture!

So, I made a list of points and tips that helped us make our work space more comfortable and functional and I hope that they will inspire you, too!



Have I mentioned that I am an architecture student? I guess not yet! So, there are always these days of brainstorming and sketching while pieces of paper, pens and pencils, notes, cups of coffee etc. gather around, filling every single corner of my small desk [the dark one was my first and only!]. Most of the times, with my laptop on the desk, I would write and sketch on my knees! Not good.

So I figured, why not having some additional space around in order to expand my mess! We added a small table on the left, where I sometimes place my everyday backpack.

TIP:If you have a bookcase next to your desk like I do, empty the corner nearby, that would provide you an extra shelf space for you, every time you need it!



It ‘s true that I need a pen to take a quick note all the time; and of course the most convenient way is to have them in a single place with good access and not hidden in boxes and pencil cases deep in the bookcase or drawers.

I had bought several candles in this clean and simple glass case, so what better way than to use the empty glass as a pen holder! Matches the desk’s colours too!



So after I had already started to better organise my desk and kept it clean and easy to work on, eventually (!), I added a candle that literally made my day! Ok, not literally…

It is really simple and super affordable, I got it from IKEA  and I am o b s e s s e d! Haven’t even lit it yet! But even so, an amazing vanilla scent manages to fill the whole office area of the house! Here is a link in case you are interested!



Not the most imaginative tip, BUT I can’t get over how easily can two or three plants on your desk, change your mood simply by adding a fresh splash of colour or delicate scent while you are working. So, for our work space we chose an aloe vera and three small cactus!



As you have probably noticed there are two chairs behind the desks. The white one is a typical desk chair and the other one, the director type of chair. We took a simple grey fabric and had it made, in order to make two cases for the two parts of the chair. Don’t hesitate to throw fabrics and covers to your furniture and add colour or texture; make it even warmer and beautiful! Rugs too!



An obsession of mine is that I constantly change my frames’ places around the house. I hang them on the walls, I place them on tables, desks and radiators against the wall. I even place them on chairs! I am thinking about putting one on the dark desk or just make an ensemble on the wall above it!



This is really important. By adding some unique details, your personal element, real comfort can be achieved. Place notes and messages around, delicate jewellery, your perfume [of course], a wallet or cardholder, photographs!


TIP:In case you smoke, it is a great excuse and opportunity to find a vintage and delicate box to keep [or hide actually] your stuff and still have them around!







Gorgeous solution to your “problems.” I think the finished work space looks incredible. I’m not surprised you’re an architecture student!! Fantastic. I definitely struggle with setting up rooms to look nice and well-designed without appearing overly “staged.” Well done!

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