This is a personal project that I realised a year ago in my folding architecture class at the university. First project that I decided to combine architecture and fashion and open the door to subjects and concepts that I was also interested in, and do some body design research.



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The thing about my department is that you can express your ideas and interests through every possible mean; photography, garments, writing, video, illustrations etc. which offers you the opportunity to dig in and focus on whatever you feel most comfortable in and excited about.

At that time, I decided it was 3d printing and its embodiment into fashion. Major influence from the spectacular Iris Van Herpen!

The unit of the exoskeleton is a small origami-folded piece of light black paperboard. Despite each piece’s rigidness, the hole structure is flexible as it fits on and around different body parts and angles. In this way, it is possible to capture different types of forms, movement and angle variety. The key words for the origami technique are 3d origami triangles.

If you are interested in the construction technique of the origami units you can watch this video.



Photography: @zansot

Edit: @sanssouci.a

Exoskeleton construction: @sanssouci.a

Supervisor: Sophia Vizoviti


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