melangeThinking about the outcome of the post beforehand, I’m not quite sure what to expect. I almost believe that’s exactly the purpose, just to figure things out. I intended to make a comparison, not only to my pre-Paris posts, but to my pre-Paris self, to my pre-pre-Paris self, and so on.



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The similarities between older posts are pretty obvious, that was actually a matter of convenience and general aesthetics that I keep digging; industrial, linear, metallic, minimal. Have you ever kept a diary? I believe, like almost everybody, I tried once to keep sort of a personal journal, without success. The thing that I kept doing though, was to write down phrases that I ‘d been told, and thoughts that had passed through my mind. I sometimes photographed myself, at specific moments and kept the image hidden, so that the next time I would discover it I ‘d know exactly what I felt and thought of. I guess that makes it another kind of diary.

Recently I felt the need to right down some words that someone said to me. That moment and that need, rang a bell, a personality alarm, if that makes any sense! It made me focus to what I really want to be and to what I really want to do. As moments of innocence and purity tend to decrease, the important thing is one: either let your guard down or don’t and keep tight! Either way consequences are to be expected, and that is actually each and every one’s unique path and self. You should be proud of that.

Sometimes random fast writing can be atoning for the author and inspiration for the readers. Either way, I share something with you, and get your unique interpretations in return. Guess something similar happens in terms of fashion as well; expression and interpretation go hand by hand.


Special thanks to Lieselotte, designer and founder of MELANGETROIS for her beautiful design and click!


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Lovely look and writing! When I read or hear something that ring a bell within me I love to make a note of it. It’s true that we have two choices in life. We can get with the flow wherever than means and end up doing things that we never imagined and going in unknown places. Or we can keep tight and enjoy a secure and predictable life. That’s the way I interpret it of course everybody is free to have their own interpretation. I don’t think there is a good or bad way, it just depends on what we expect life to be.
Love your blog btw.

Aurelie |



Thank you so much dear for your lovely comment, means a lot to me that you read it! I appreciate your opinion and thanks again for sharing it with me!


Such a beautiful outfit and I love the photos – as always! I am not a big journal writer myself but I totally get the writing down a phrase. I have always photographed phrases I liked or wrote them down. Some of them are still in my mind 6 years later..

Sophie xx

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