Have you ever heard of the phrase “Best plans are the cancelled plans”? Well, let’s start from the beginning so that everything makes sense.



Most of the times, I feel like my ambition and creative energy forces my actions to collapse like an endless domino. Have you ever woken up with such an energy, feeling  that the day is long as hell, and you are able to do absolutely everything during the next 15 hours?! I feel like it really often, not only for the next day but also for the next month or year. I find myself daydreaming and planning the future step by step only to  feel so stressed and anxious in the end, that I erase everything from my mind for some days, until it happens again.

In the micro scale, I make such an interesting plan for the day, including photoshoots, walks, coffee, dinner, picnics etc, and I succeed to drown myself while counting the minutes in-between, re-examine my priorities and cancel-cancel.

So, one thing that I force myself to do is take a deep breath, and make one step at a time. Remember my Sunday posts in the OUTFIT category?! I was really into illustrations and collages but unfortunately reality and duties didn’t allow me to be on time for the Sunday posts. However, I feel like putting together some, really often…like at 2.00am on a Tuesday with a full day at the office before and after [what’s wrong with the creativity timing?!].

I decided to rename my OUTFIT Category into MOODBOARD so that I don’t force myself to be on schedule and you to expect an outfit post every week! In this way, these collages will illustrate every moment’s mood, what I’m thinking about, where I would like to be, what I would like to wear, what’s my favourite accessory for the day, which bag I’ve been lusting over the last couple of weeks. You can find the answers to all of my questions above, below. Welcome to my MOODBOARD.



Collage illustration: @sanssouci.a







Actually I prefer mood board. It also looks like the mood board I had to make in fashion school! I know to well the cancel-cancel issue! I think it’s a problem that creative minds (or over ambitious) have. I always plan so many things and have so many ideas but life has an other rhythm. Something that helps is realizing that everything takes time and be okay with it even we wish to accomplish much more in much less time. Also I feel as human being we can’t be super productive all the time, we have period of high and low energy. Actually it’s when we create a lot that we feel on a high but then come the down period (which is annoying but necessary to go into a high period). Not sure if it makes sense what I’m saying ahah

Earrings and bag are just so neat and chic.


Aurelie | http://www.surface85.com



Thank you so much dear for sharing your thoughts, of course it makes sense!it’s true that sometimes lack of patience or persistence can change your plans! However I can’t still figure out if it’s for the best or not! You can never know what happens next;)


What a lovely idea – I love this concept of putting it on to a mood board! I agree, sometimes the day feels like it just keeps going, and when you actually need the time to do something it isn’t there – priorities and planning, it can all be so hectic some times! But looks like you’ve got it all under control!

Love those earrings!



moldboards are awesome and very inspiring. I do like outfits more than moldboards most of the time but as a substitute – moldboard is awesome esp with scheldule and timing!



Thank you Lyosha, I totally agree with you and there are certainly more ways to express yourself! That’s an interesting part!


I could actually relate. I have the same mantra, so I don’t feel overwhelm or disappointed that everything didn’t go according to plan. Sometimes, I just take a step back and let things fall into place. The results are sometimes better than I expected.




Thant’s a really interesting point of view, thank you so much for sharing it! Taking a step back is definitely one of the most difficult decisions but sometimes the necessary solution!

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