I thought it was about time I had a co-ordinate…not a kimono-shorts mix not a top crop-shorts mix…I needed a suit!




With trends like crop, high neck crop and turtle neck crop tops running so fast on shelves and eventually among us, it gets easier to choose not just the piece’s length, but also fabric, colour shade, pattern, print etc. Similar to every trend actually, also similar to bucket bags, suede, backpacks, gladiator sandals and culottes this year. Almost all brands have offered their version of each season’s trend, while including their own identity in the designs.

I will definitely enjoy this outfit, not only the rest of the summer days but also through fall [perhaps with a loose and light, monochromatic sweater on top which will reveal the striped crop top detail] and definitely winter!

I have to say that I don’t really like my belly button to show, so every time I carefully choose the crop top’s length or the proper high waist skirt and pair of shorts, jeans or trousers. However, when it comes to co-ords, and especially the ones with strict lines and design, either monochromes or these in today’s post, with the thin and elegant stripes, I don’t see a problem.

I believe that this outfit has definitely an elegant character, but shoes and accessories make the most out of it…If you add a pair of sneakers [here, here and here] it becomes more casual and wearable through the day, whereas by wearing high heels…well…it ‘s a perfect outfit for the night.

Some more Co-ords sets in Zara and Asos.



PS. By adding high heels and a clutch [especially a box clutch bag] this outfit would make a great wedding outfit!








Love this Co-ord! It looks so modern and minimal! You know how to strike a pose!! When I try to do the curved back pose I look more like Quasimodo than you ahahah

Aurelie |



Aahahhaha! My god, that was hilarious! Still laughing! I was quite anxious actually, didn’t want it to seem as I was in pain or something, or sad! Thank you so much for your comment:) Have a great week!

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