DSC_0237_72We are going through this time of the month, when the weather hasn’t decided its style yet, therefore nor have we! Sunny days, followed by non-stop rainy days, followed by all-time clouded and moody ones. This allows us to have many options, though, like showing some skin under layering.



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Continuing the obvious matching of outfits and backgrounds, which has become a favourite habit of mine, today’s outfit neither contains a bag nor a coat. It is as simple as it could get in my imagination at that time. And the ankle boots.



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Let’s start with pointing out that basic isn’t simple, simple isn’t casual and casual isn’t basic. The differences between these terms, when it comes to fashion and style, and their application to wardrobe capsules are definitely growing to be some of the most interesting and complicated phases I’ve experienced!



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Each time I am getting close to my next outfit post, there are several matters I examine. Apart from choosing an outfit, the location is of equal importance. In this particular project there are two factors that I wanted to deal with and highlight: opacity and formations.



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A few weeks ago, I visited my best friend and cousin, and stayed in her lovely home on the top of a hill with a breathtaking view of fields, a small town and the sea. Her garden, although unfinished, offered the perfect relaxation vibes and the silence needed. I just thought of it as a background for a photoshoot and it definitely matches my new skirt’s colour!


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