What I should admit about this collaboration is how surprisingly well the two corporations managed to work together for the final outcome. Examining exactly this, while closing one eye, it’s quite hard to tell whether it’s KENZO or H&M , excluding logos of course. This is exactly the point that’s makes this collection so different from H&M X BALMAIN; the House was all over the place, it’s military luxurious details and references, endless, alongside but partially, the one with Alexander Wang’s signature. But right here right now, fabrics and textures, playful and affordable designs, introduced us something new; the power of setting and losing one’s identity.



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So I’ve come up with this plan; the plan is to have two plans. Two equally well functioning satisfying plans. This way there’s nothing to lose. First, an exceptionally high goal is being set, a short term intense plan. If this one can’t be achieved, there is the other one, a well organised schedule, quite long term. Sometimes, rarely though, a combination can be achieved, or sometimes eventually nothing could work out as planned. Then you have the creative chance to make two plans again.




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melangeThinking about the outcome of the post beforehand, I’m not quite sure what to expect. I almost believe that’s exactly the purpose, just to figure things out. I intended to make a comparison, not only to my pre-Paris posts, but to my pre-Paris self, to my pre-pre-Paris self, and so on.



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Almost out of season again, with a rather pre-fall outfit and general vibes, I could easily and honestly believe that summer may never come. After taking a breath, but without erasing my previous phrase, I can totally respect the moody atmosphere of Paris, I adored it before I came and I adore it now, but a pair of shorts without the fear that rain might destroy my new sandals from COS, wouldn’t have bothered me either!



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The more I was thinking about this outfit, the more excited I became! The drop of temperature in Paris, combined with the melancholic yet beautiful cloudy days coloured the view in silver shades. The right moment came for my favourite parisian bridge; Bir Hakeim.



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I guess it could only be described as fortunate, when the outfit matches more than perfectly with the background. I’ve been having Palais de Tokyo in my mind for quite some time, and the result of this photoshoot felt like a great reward for all the last minute running and general stress.



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