This seems to be a final summery touch. A couple of months ago, I was gifted this beautiful bodysuit by CARLA PONTES, a designer from Portugal. I am always -and mainly actually- interested in shaping longterm relationships with the brands and designers I collaborate with, so an interview with Carla was due. Her aesthetics consist of references from body movement and natural elements which she manages to infuse in her designs with the most defined way. She makes her inspiration obvious by underlining its source. Her collections go by the names Wind, Cloud, Mountain etc. introducing a subtle take in her work.

Discover the interview with Carla Pontes and enter the G I V E A W A Y we have organized, gifting one of her pieces from the Cloud Collection.


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This project was an experiment. A successful one. Not only because the final outcome seems aesthetically pleasing, to me at least, but also because we’d been discussing about creating something like this with @zansot for a while now. It’s not a super fancy editorial production, we just moved some furniture around, set our background and bought four or five pieces of coloured paper. And some wine.



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This edit feels like a fresh start to me. Not only was I extremely fascinated searching for new inspiration and introducing a digital section, but also this leather jacket got me looking for more vintage second-hand pieces.



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Nowadays, expansions of architecture as science and art are considered widely accepted and embraced. This state of mind is specifically fortunate not only because of the vast variety of inspiration and visuals but also because of the creation of new upcoming hobbies and occupations that may lead to full time jobs and successful business.



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beigeF8One of the problems perfectionists tend to face is to hardly know when to stop. The most definite outcome is that they won’t be completely satisfied with the final result, however there are always sort of deadlines.



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This is a personal project that I realised a year ago in my folding architecture class at the university. First project that I decided to combine architecture and fashion and open the door to subjects and concepts that I was also interested in, and do some body design research.



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I am not feeling like talking too much about this photoshoot. I guess the imagery speaks for itself. This has been a project that I ‘ve been planning for a while now, and I was really excited about, just because I really wanted a perfect outcome, an editorial and professional essence, interesting light, background and movement.



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Favourite summer 2015 topic: gladiator sandals, boho mood: ON

Seems that the trend this year is stronger than ever. It didn’t quite succeed some years ago, but…this season, they own! Most of the brands introduced their designs, with Chloé, Valentino, Aquazzura and Ancient Greek Sandals being my favourites. I guess it is really important with the trends, that the variety, that is eventually created, fits every single style and personality, and different pieces underline different characters and mood; seems that creation and inspiration are doubled every second!

For the hole article visit THE FASHION SUPERNOVA. I am writing about the way I wore my gladiator sandals and what style and essence I wanted to achieve. Check it out and stay tuned for more!