SANSSOUCI was created due to an enormous craving for creativity decompression. Although it was founded just in July 2015, SANSSOUCI has accomplished several collaborations with international brands, hand-picked with caution and detailed examination in order to achieve the best, high-quality result possible, considering both the ambitions and aesthetics of each brand, and SANSSOUCI.

The founder and editor behind SANSSOUCI is an architecture student focused on fashion, design, photography and architecture. Her experience in the architectural environment has reinforced her with strong skills and knowledge in software that include photography editing [Adobe Photoshop CS6], presentation and layout design [Adobe Illustrator and InDesign CS6], video editing [Adobe Premiere CS6] and 3D design [Rhino, Blender]. Each post is considered a different theme and project and curated in detail with personal examination.

Therefore, SANSSOUCI was created and is growing rapidly, in order to be a freelance creative platform, where projects are conceptualised, managed and realised.